Christmas Gift Ideas for Staff and Work Colleagues

Christmas offers us a great opportunity to step up and step forward.  The leading up to Christmas can often divert our thoughts away from ourselves and to those we care about and appreciate.  When we take the time to really consider what gifts to give others, we may find that inspiration often comes to us.

Of course we are moved to give gifts to those we love. Considering what to give those closest to us often comes easy because we know them best (or they may have given us a few hints).  But what about those we appreciate who we may not know so well?  What can we give the people we work with?

Well for starters, how about a desk novelty gift they could use all year round?


Does your team have a good sense of humour?  What if you gave them each a mug that fits their unique personality?



If you have a small budget and were only thinking of handing out Christmas cards, why not add these peppermint candy canes but with a little bit of creativity, it shows you care a bit more.


One year, I gave each of my colleagues a minature stocking with a few candy canes in them.  I love these monogrammed ones.



Another year I made each of my co-workers a home-made Christmas ornament.  This one isn’t one of mine, but you get idea.  It’s a great idea to personalize them.

Isn’t this hysterical?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money but a bit of creative thought really helps.

My idea this year for my staff and co-workers started with making these giant snowflake sugar cookies.




I then added these very large monogrammed china cups which I found for a bargain at Matalan. And voila!


Anyone else got some gift ideas for the people you work with?

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