My Top 10 Picks for Best Christmas Trees

I love getting creative for Christmas and decorating the tree is my all time favorite creative thing to do on the lead up to Christmas.  Every year I try to change the theme a bit while still using some of the already owned decorations.  My two teenagers don’t like change which is a bit hard on me as I LOVE change but love them even more.  So usually, I change the tree only subtly like the colour scheme.  One year, it was a tartan theme, another copper, another time it was Victorian and still another jewelled tones.  Last year, it was a rustic theme with hessian ribbon and pine cones.  This year, I decided on a different theme but first, here are my top ten picks for some of the best creative trees I have found online.

  1. Who would have guessed you could get away with spring green and yellow on a Christmas tree?


2. The next tree I have chosen is a silver and cream theme but I love the lettering added on old sheet music to remind us of the meaning of Christmas.  I also like how she used an ordinary quilt as a tree skirt. Great idea!  When your budget is tight, use what you have!

3. Here we have a nature themed tree also with a worded banner.  It is a nice touch adding extra branches into your tree.

4. I know we have already had a green tree but I love this bright green so much and with the touches of silver, you get a more frosty feel then the other green tree.  (Anyway, green is my favourite colour).


5. Red!  Red has always been a lasting traditional colour to use on Christmas trees but the main theme’s focus here are the minature gifts!  Could there be real presents inside those boxes?

6. Below is something I don’t generally go for.  I am not a  big fan of overly decorated trees but the colours in this one look so stunning against the backdrop of this room that I can’t help but love it!


7. Here’s thinking outside of tradition, why not use autumnal colours on your tree?

8. The next tree looks like the inside of my wardrobe!  Green and autumnal colours!


9. Modern, masculine and just plain gorgeous!



10. And finally, a hearts and ice cream themed Christmas tree

So there you have it, my top 10 picks for the best Christmas trees.  They are imaginative, creative and beautiful.

My Christmas tree theme this year was ‘Winter Wonderland’. It is white, silver and red.


PicMonkey Collage


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