Equality-Are We Losing Progress?

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In  my lifetime, I have witnessed the progression of man-kind in various forms.  I have seen social and racial barriers collapse.  I have seen laws change to more ethical ones in support of equality.  Some things have progressed quickly while many have been a long tortuous journey for those victims seeking acceptance.  When I see or hear of another victory on the side of freedom I rejoice inside. I have seen the growth of cultural mindsets to be one of openness and non-judgement.  However….

I have a confession to make.  I really don’t like watching the news.  News is…in a word…depressing.  When I lived in New York City the news seemed to me even more depressing still.  Every night there would be a story covered of an act of injustice done to a child.  When I heard of the mother who put her infant baby in the washing machine, that became the last straw for me.  I stopped watching.  Now I read newspapers occasionally and get news second-hand from family and friends.  Still, I have managed for the most-part to keep my eyes open and have noticed a lot of changes.  I noticed progress but to be honest I really didn’t want to see any of the bad stuff.   I have been aware of it but not to its full extent.  I just didn’t want to get myself down about stuff all the time.

However, I do at times catch whispers of bad happenings.  Thanks to social media and people sharing videos, I have been getting a bit of the bad with the good. Someone would share a video which I think looks good and sounds positive only to find it wasn’t at all.

Last Sunday, I watched one of these shared videos in shock and disbelief.  A particular news footage from an American news network covering a story of an individual’s fear-based behaviour against those of another culture and religion and referring to this individual’s act as ‘Courageous’. This particular news network is not an unbiased mainstream network I am some-what relieved to say, but it is still widely watched by a specific audience. I apologise for not going into too much detail but I do not wish to be a conduit for more people watching this and possibly being swayed to think that what they are watching is actually justifiable.

How will we ever see an end to wars, acts of hatred, animosity, inequality and judgemental-ism if so many of us are still viewing people as “Them” and “Us”?  We need to recognize that all of man-kind are one.  No one country; no one people are better than another.  I applaud anyone who puts together an event that is diverse.  I applaud churches where denominations put aside their differences and worship together under one roof.  I applaud it when they have decided to focus on the ways their faith is the same and I would love it if more and more places of worship would open their doors and accept those of other faiths as long as they share one core belief… that God is love and that we are all equal under His love.  I would like to then see each and every individual whether they are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist or other faith grow in the love of God and reach out to one another in that love in acts of service and in full acceptance towards one another.

What it comes down to is …we must not allow anything to interfere with equality on this earth and to do that we must be unified in love.

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