For C.S. Lewis Fans

Hi everyone,

I have been contacted by author J Washburn who is asking for reviewers of his new book which is inspired by C.S. Lewis. After reading snippets of his book on his blog, I have to say it does look like a compelling read so I was happy to post his request here (besides the fact I do like to support new authors).  Below is his request:


If you’re a die-hard C.S. Lewis fan, you might be familiar with the German noun sehnsucht. It describes a deep emotional state, but it has been simplified to mean a “longing” or “yearning.” Lewis often talked about sehnsucht, calling it an “inconsolable secret,” a “desire for our own far-off country,” “the echo of a tune we have not heard,” and an “unnameable something.”
Locke, the hero of SONG OF LOCKE, is based on the young C.S. Lewis. He, like Lewis, lost his mother and in turn lost his faith. Thus Locke is an atheist living in an unexplainably wondrous world, searching for answers to life’s deeper questions, and ultimately setting out on a quest in search of sehnsucht. 
SONG OF LOCKE explores many of the deep Christian themes that Lewis wrote about. Its dramatic pacing also packs in more action, updated for the mind of the modern reader. If this sounds like a book you will love, you can buy the ebook here: . If you want to be notified when the paperback comes out next month, subscribe here: .
Last and most importantly, we’re looking for a few people to read the book and then post an honest review. So the first 20 people to email with “I want a C.S. Lewis book!” in the subject line WILL GET A FREE COPY OF THE EBOOK today!