Book Review: Running In Heels- A Memoir of Grit and Grace

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Mary A. Perez is a WordPress Blogger and the author of her gripping memoir Running In Heels.  This raw memoir begins with Mary Perez’s childhood and that mysterious resilience that children often have when life treats them harshly. We read how this little girl dug within herself to find her inner strength to survive even when it meant stealing cold cuts from stray cats. The journey takes us through her sad loss of her childhood where we are also seized by her experience of tragic loss.

At times the book reads like a journey through time as Mary grows up and recounts events in her life which coincide with historical events such as the assassination of Martin Luther King and the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.  There are some small fond memories of TV programs of the 60’s and 70’s and popular food labels of that time. We also are immersed in Mary’s Hispanic American culture where the language spoken was English interspersed with Spanish commonly known as Spanglish.

It is not just her childhood that is so austere for as Mary grows up she becomes a teen bride of an abusive alcoholic nearly twice her age.  Thankfully, due to the limited upbringing of her loving grandparents, Mary is introduced to faith in God.  In her honest portrayal, we read about her spiraling faith which so many of us can relate to. However it is her faith that results in Mary being an overcomer in her life.

Running In Heels is a story of survival. It is the story of hope and faith and an amazing godly forgiveness which is truly inspiring.  I had no high expectations so I was surprised at what a page-turner it was.  It is a beautifully written narrative and I could not put it down!