How To Make The Most Of A Snow Day

I think it is safe to say that time is very precious for most of us.  Very few people work 9 to 5 and even fewer have the luxury of doing nothing once they are home.  We work long hours and sometimes we work harder still when we are home.  We have cars which we make full use of.  There is always some place we have to be, something we need to do and someone who needs us.  We postpone our relaxation time till we are on vacation because we are just too busy.  We either do this by choice or because we feel we have no choice.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute.  Do we have the energy to keep this up?  Can we take advantage of any possible breathing space that pops up as an unexpected gift?  Or are we going to waste that time doing housework or going shopping?

I am not judging.  These are just the sort of questions I asked myself this morning, when I received the text from my boss telling me to ‘…stay home.  It’s going to be a blizzard and no one is coming in to work’.   Mentally, I thought about all the things I could be getting done- things I haven’t had time for, important things.  Then I thought, ‘To hell with that!’ and spent the day perusing interior design magazines and websites.

I know that isn’t everybody’s idea of fun but I enjoyed myself.  I really want to reach out to anybody out there who is either working too hard or is over-stretched or stress, who has suddenly been gifted with a day off because of the snow.  Here are just a few fun ideas of what you can do in case you forgot how to have fun or simply relax. Trust me, spending quality time in bliss is more important than all the work you want to catch up with.  When you get a chance to enjoy yourself,  you are investing in your well-being, giving you a chance at being a better more refressed you later.

How to make the most of a snow day:

  1. Feed the birds. Put out some bird seeds for the birds and then have your breakfast by the window.  There is something magical about seeing birds in the snow happily enjoying themselves.  It’s like a scene from a Christmas card. 
  2. Play in the snow- because if you have kids who are also having a snow day, you can’t just ignore them.  So put on your snow boots and your mittens and get out there with them! Have a good hour of fun and then come in for some hot chocolate. 
  3. Light the fire. There is nothing like watching the flames in the fireplace while you cosy up with a warm blanket.  If you don’t have a fireplace, light up some candles.  Just create an ambience of cosy warmth and have a hygge time!

    Photo by Dave Gunn

  4. Go diving.  What I mean is, dive into a good book, one that takes you away, makes you laugh or even cry.  Sure it’s escapism but it also gives you a chance to release some emotions.  I find it can also lengthen your day.  How else can you go on an adventure, fall in love and save the day all within an hour or two? 
  5. Watch a favourite movie.  Make sure it’s one you already know and love or know for sure you will love.
  6. Visit or meet your neighbour.  It’s a great opportunity for a natter or chat.  If you have an elderly neighbour, it might be a good idea to check in on them in case they need anything.
  7. Walk your dog in the snow..or walk with your neighbour and his dog.  Have you ever seen dogs in snow?  Guaranteed to make you smile! 
  8. Make a warm, delicious dessert or bake some bread.  It will make you happy and anyone who lives with you. You don’t have to be a gourmet.  Pancakes with chocolate chips is easy enough to make and delicious.  
  9. Get creative.  Whether you are an artist that likes to draw or paint or if you like to sew, knit or write–cease the day!
  10. Be mindful and move slowly.  Don’t try to do everything at once.  Simply pick one or two items to enjoy and really enjoy it. Don’t just speed through the action!

Lastly, if you find you are not enjoying what you are doing because you are worrying too much about making it count or about what you are not doing, then stop and do what you need to relieve your stress and worry.