Top 10 Signs It’s Time To Let Go

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It’s almost never an easy decision when it involves a huge part of your life and especially if there are risks involved.  Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a situation, a plan or a home, how do we know when the time has come to let it go?

I have to confess that I normally err on the side of being overly cautious.  I dwell on it, go over the pros and cons, exhaust those closest to me by endlessly discussing what I should do and when and then I finally make a decision only to change my mind afterwards and remake the decision in the future.  When it comes to life-changing decisions, I usually over-stay when I should have gone months or years sooner.  Yet, I always say how much I love change!  It’s taking the risks that worries me.  Just three days ago, I made the decision to leave my job but it was only because of a dramatic event that finally pushed me into making the break.  As I compiled this list of signs, I realized I had over-stayed…again.  The signs had been there.  Are they for you?

  1. When you find yourself doing all of the serving and you get no acknowledgment for it.
  2. When you step back and realize YOU (your true self and/or your values) are not in the picture.
  3. When you feel emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted time after time again.
  4. When you are sacrificing the needs of those you love.
  5. When you are being belittled or made to feel small.
  6. When the situation is standing in the way of your vocation (what your true calling is).
  7. When it is causing you depression and you see no change in the future.
  8. When it is holding you back from your ambitions.
  9. When it is keeping you from your friends and family ALL the time.
  10. When you find yourself thinking, ‘This is not the life I want.’

Praying that this helps anyone who needs it.



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