Freedom Friday: Five Awesome Furniture Upcycles

Today’s inspiration comes from the world of upcycling.  I am always pretty amazed by what people can do with old furniture.  These transformations take you from the ordinary to a completely different extraordinary piece of furniture!  Be sure to click on the links for tips on how these projects were done.

From this ordinary wooden bed…

Picture Source

Picture Source

…to this beautiful bench!

Photo Source

Photo Source

From this antiquated worn out chest of drawers to this beautiful hall seat!

Photo Source

Photo Source

Here’s one nearly every woman would love. From this child’s wardrobe….


To this very practical one-of-a-kind accessory display cabinet.  Love it!!

No before and after pictures on this next picture but you get the idea (okay you know my love for books).


Want a way to transform your entranceway? This last piece is a great one to tackle if you are feeling inspired because the link brings you to step-by-step photo instructions.  So beautiful, I would pay to comission it.

Photo Source

Photo Source

Feeling inspired?


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