Freedom Friday: When Inspiration Takes Over

I know that this is unusual for what you would expect for a Freedom Friday post.  However, since Freedom Friday is all about unleashing your creativity and getting some inspiration, I wanted to share this video from Akiane Kramarik because it captures an artist in the throes of inspiration.  I have often seen people when they are overtaken by inspiration.  They speak with a sense of awe which makes you feel that suddenly you are standing on holy ground.  I have been following this talented artist since she was a child and know that even when she was very young, she often got up in the middle of the night to paint.  You see, when inspiration beckons her, she gets up and follows it.  There really is ‘no time’ to be creative.  There may be ‘little time’ but not ‘no time’.  How serious are you about your craft?  Serious enough to pray for time even if it calls you out of bed?

You can view Akiane’s works of art through the years here.


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