Never Miss the Small Things

I find myself both amazed and thoughtful when I look back at photos I have taken and realize that it seemes more beautiful than I remembered.  Wasn’t I there?  Didn’t I actually experience that sun, those clouds, the breeze, the salty sea air, the colours?  Well, maybe I didn’t.  Not fully anyway.  Maybe my mind was engaged in other things.  Maybe I was tired.  Maybe I was thinking about work.  It became apparent to me that I was often missing out on life.

I also came to realize that so often I can be actively engaged in the present moment looking out at the sea or hearing the band play but may not have noticed the small things which have their own beauty.  Things we often take for granted or perhaps things we simply didn’t notice just how beautiful they are.  Take your eyes off the big scenery for a moment and zero in on the small thing. It’s the small things that so often our cameras capture that we may have otherwise deemed as insignificant but they have there own individual beauty.

Picture Source

Picture Source

If we are not careful, we can overlook so many things in life. Things we can be grateful for. Things we often take for granted.

Photo Source

Photo Source

We can also be grateful for the healing we receive when we notice beauty in nature. At times it is almost instant the way it takes our head out of a dark place and lightens our spirits.

What I am trying to say, is once in a while…

Photo Source

Photo Source

…and I know you’re busy….

…but just slow down and really look and take notice and never miss the small things.


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