Discovering Bliss

Photo by Marilylle Soveran

Photo by Marilylle Soveran

Sometimes I feel like I am running uphill, chasing time and yet never feeling like I have enough time.   Then, there are other times…like watching the waves crashing on the shore or seeing the sunrise and I realize…what was I chasing?

So often I have gone to bed with a million thoughts and worries crowding my mind only to wake up in the early morning to the sound of a fox or the beautiful music of blackbirds singing.   Othertimes, I wake up up to the experience of stillness and quiet. Those are the wonderful moments when time stands still and I realize that time really is an illusion after all.

Isn’t it strange and wonderful that when we are seduced into a state of awe that time becomes expansive?  We feel more at peace. We are in a state of what is often spoken of as ‘bliss’.

And yet, how many times does it take for us to experience moments of bliss before we stop and ask ourselves, why didn’t I remember to come back here?  Why do I insist on rushing around in my head instead of finding that quiet time to experience beauty?

Let us all remember to take even just five minutes a day to visit bliss…whatever bliss is for you. Let bliss be a quiet time.  Perhaps, a time to gaze upon or listen to something beautiful.  If you find it difficult to be still inside, then try something a bit different next time. You know what else?  Bliss can come unanounced but it can also come through the practicing of that state of being which often involves listening and paying attention to what is before you.

Wishing you all a moment of bliss today and every day.



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