Our Purpose for Blogging


So I contemplated the problem of what do I write about in my blog after so little writing in the whole of this year.  How do I explain the quiet? What do I now have to say for myself?

But then I thought…so many of us probably go through it.  We just get too caught up with the helter-skelter of life.  I have been an avid reader all my life and yet I suddenly find myself struggling to get through a book without dozing off.  It’s not that the book is boring but I am exhausted! Work takes up most of my time  and energy and leaves little room for much else.

Last January, Elizabeth Gilbert had this to say in a post on her facebook page:

‘We live in a real world that is heavy sometimes with real-life obligations, but we also have souls that deserve care and attention. We can pay attention to our worldly ambitions and pleasures (hobbies, jobs, careers) without neglecting our mystical, otherworldly, beautiful and often impractical vocations. We can pay attention to all of it — but this requires sitting still at times and really thinking things through, with courage and dignity. And it requires an understanding of terms.’

The above is only a small part of a larger post which I found very thought-provoking! I am reminded about this post again and again by a very persistent nagging…muse? spirit? sub-conscious of my own?  You pick!

As bloggers, we may all come to a point where we have to ask ourselves the question, ‘For what reason do we write?’  Why do we choose to give up our time to do this?

Is it to help our career?  Is it a job or way to make money? Is it a hobby?  Is it a vocation?

When I began blogging two and a half years ago, I began because I had an instinct that I needed to do it. I thought perhaps it was a way of me discovering what career path to take or perhaps it would be just a hobby.  I had no idea, just an instinct and a curiosity to see what would happen.  For me personally, it was one of the best choices I ever made.  Writing became a conduit through which I learned more about God and what it meant to be spiritual.  I think now I was definitely called to blog for my own personal and spiritual development.  It started with an instinct…

Recently, my daughter Brittany asked me at the end of a phone conversation, “Mom when are you going to write on your blog?” It makes me wonder whether she too senses that it is something important for me to do.  So I am back and determined to make more time for blogging and writing of other kinds! I write because in lieu of what Elizabeth Gilbert wrote, I do not want to neglect my mystical side, what I would call my true self.

So why do you blog?  Have you asked yourself the question lately?


3 thoughts on “Our Purpose for Blogging

  1. A lovely reflection, Teresa. And a great question. Do we have to have an answer!? Ha!

    I think I blog because I’ve always known I love to write, but wasn’t doing it. I wanted to express something I couldn’t otherwise express in the various domains of my life, and so I started blogging. It is important– for reasons related to the soul you mention. Even if all it does is give us a moment to spend deeply with ourselves… It does lead to wonderful discoveries and connections, too, as you’ve noted. Like this one!


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