Christmas Preparations

Photo by Jamie Grant

Photo by Jamie Grant

The beginning of December marks a busy time for most of us who celebrate Christmas.  This week, I spent one whole day on decorating the tree alone, after which I spent two days cleaning and tidying up the mess I left!

In the past, preparations for Christmas have meant days spent frantically trying to get things done.  The past couple of weeks I have been aware of the dangers of living frantically.  I have been learning that frantic thoughts = a frantic life.  I have had to ask myself, do I really want to be chasing away inner peace on the one time of the year when the world celebrates and remembers the birth of Christ? I hasten to say that this isn’t about wrong or right but it is about remembering and appreciating God’s love for me.  In my opinion, frantic-ness would hinder me from loving others more fully.  It is something I am still learning but what it currently means is not cutting back on ‘doing’ but cutting out anxiety and adding more time for prayer and trusting God always.  It is a practice of the mind and heart. It is making the decision to stay vigilant in practicing peace no matter how busy I get.  It is the slowing down ‘within’ while remaining busy ‘without’ and believing that it is possible to do so.  Most importantly, it is remembering to ask God for help along the way because after all, what I am hoping to achieve is a miracle.

So here’s my ultimate wish for myself and for all of you:  That while we are busy preparing for Christmas, that we remember to prepare our hearts for Christmas as well.

Photo by Marilylle Soveran

Photo by Marilylle Soveran


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