DIY Autumnal Decorations

I know this is a bit late posting but with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I can’t resist sharing some decorating ideas for my favourite season!

A couple of years ago, I began decorating my lounge for Autumn.  Then Last year, I went a wee bit crazy.


This year, I have added a new addition.


My new autumnal wreath has fabric pumpkins, pine cones, twigs and berries!



I love the richness of the Autumn colours.  This (for now) graces the wall over my fireplace.













While I didn’t make this wreath myself, (I found this at a bargain at TK Maxx) I have made many wreaths in the past.  Wreath decorating is simple, fun and extremely therapeutic.  Just get an un-decorated wreath of your choice and then hot glue assorted floral picks, pinecones, nuts, fruit, ribbons or whatever takes your fancy!

Below are some amazingly creative autumnal decorations I found on Pinterest that are simple to make and bring warmth to the home.

Found on

Found on





How cool is this?  By simply taking some autumn leafs (I would use fabric rather than real leaves for fire safety) and gluing them to fairy lights, you will have created a simple but pretty autumn decoration for your home.






Another simple DIY project for Fall comes from









For this project, take some fabric leafs, paint some pva (or elmer’s ) glue on them and then sprinkle autumn colour glitter.  Once it’s dry, use a hole punch to punch a small hole in each and then thread with some ribbon.


I love this simple leaf cushion from Better Homes and Gardens.  To make: Enlarge a leaf using a copier to make a pattern. Cut the pattern out of wool felt and attach it to a plain cushion cover using iron-on fusible backing. Blanket-stitch around the edges.

This next one comes from Sweet Something Design on Etsy.  I may just give this a try next year! Isn’t this beautiful?



Found on

Found on





Table decorations can be simply made using all kinds of things from nature.



Here we have a lovely contrast of colours using moss, branches of berries and acorn caps.





Found on

Found on





Fill an apothecary jar with pine cones, acorns, autumn leafs, gourdes and berries.




Use a mixture from things you find on your nature walks and things you find at you local craft shop.













So as promised, the above ideas are simple and I hope it has sparked some creative ideas of your own.  Now to get ready for Christmas!


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