Fall-in In Love Again

The colours of Autumn are spectacular in the upper east-coast of the US which is why for most of my life, Autumn  (or Fall) had been my favourite season. I complained to my husband last year that even though England is beautiful in the Spring, it just didn’t cut the mustard colour-wise during the Autumn period. I have made a mistake.

In order to see things more closely, you need to be mindful of where you are and what you are looking at.


Woburn Abbey photo by UKGardenPhotos

Woburn Abbey photo by UKGardenPhotos


I have discovered that other parts of Great Britain have amazing autumnal colours.

Tor Y Foel Wales Photo Source

Tor Y Foel Wales
Photo Source

On my recent trip to the Isle of Eigg, Scotland, the colour changes occurred in other plant foliage other than tree leaves.



I have left this amazing find for last.  On my train ride back, I looked out the window and saw miles and miles of this bright orange grass.  My brain could not get around this…orange grass?


Sorry for the picture quality.  This was taken with my camera phone through a dirty window.  This however, is not farm land.  These are not crops.


This is indeed a type of grass!


It is called Rannoch Fire Grass and it is usually green but gradually turns red in the Autumn.

I have now fallen in love with Autumn again!


3 thoughts on “Fall-in In Love Again

  1. What a visual feast to start the day with, Teresa! I love the wonder of the orange grass. Simply stunning – even with a cell phone photo through a dirty window. I’d love to sit in and contemplate that fiery grass….

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