The Best In Whole Food

Sometimes I am very aware of the fact that I exist as a body, soul and spirit.  Logically, I know I am one person operating in each of these forms in unity.  Yet I know as well that each part of me can be reached distinctly and that each can affect the other.  Last week, I went for a walk in an unusually sunny day for late September in England and I realized that all parts of me were being fed at once.  The sunshine. The trees.  The clouds.  The little King Charles Spaniel which walked past me all served in nourishing my soul, my spirit and my body.  Tension melted away when I hadn’t realized I was tense.  I was reminded that joy, peace and love were within…and yet fed from without.  Suddenly, I had a spring to my step.  Food for the body.

What is it about nature that feeds us so completely?  It is like the best whole food in the world.  We crave it even when we don’t realize it.  When we are in it, we are nourished and refreshed.  Food for the soul.

Spend time in nature longer and the joy grows deeper.  The love expands.  People are drawn to us and we are drawn to love them.  It is like having a spring which is overflowing within us which we feel compel to share with others.  Food for the spirit.

When I visited the Isle of Eigg two months ago I felt connected to the place and thought perhaps I am meant to live there.  A few weeks later I watched an interview with time-lapse photography expert Louie Schwartzberg.  In the interview LS stated that when we are in a beautiful place of nature, we feel ‘connected’.  So I guess it wasn’t ‘meant to be’ per se but how all human beings truly are.  With each of us, it may be a different place of beauty where we feel this connection.  I don’t fully understand why in an intellectual way, but I know that from time to time we all need it…to be immersed in natural beauty.  Anyway, in less than two weeks time, I am returning to Eigg for a one week stay.



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