What Is As Readily Available As The Clover?

Photo by Marilylle Soveran

Photo by Marilylle Soveran

One day, while I was on the Isle of Eigg and surrounded by beautiful and partly majestic nature, I found myself  (strangely enough) sitting on the bench outside the house contemplating the clover. I wrote these thoughts down.

No matter where I have lived or what places I have visited, I have always seen clover. Those little flowers that magically grow everywhere unaided and having not been planted by anyone.  They grow abundantly.  You mow your lawn and they spring up again, faster than the grass grows. They are food to many creatures.  Here on Eigg, I have noticed that the wild rabbits really seem to like them. I have seen dozens of wild rabbits here though there are probably hundreds and yet still there always seem to be clover about.  Sometimes I fail to even notice them but when I look  they are everywhere.

Inspiration is like that. Although we may often feel it is not there often enough, it is actually there in abundance waiting to be noticed, plucked and utilized to whatever purpose. Sometimes, you have to quiet your soul, relax and search or feel  for it. Like the clover, it pops up in random places. It most readily happens when you are holding your tool of choice: a paintbrush, a pen, a camera or when wearing your dancing shoes. It is not much good trying to force inspiration to come. Harder still if you feel stress and your thoughts are in a jumble.  For me, inspiration comes when I feel most at home inside myself,  when I touch upon my inner joy or more accurately, connect within to the source of love.  It is not enough to have one’s eyes open as it is to have the eyes of our heart open.  We don’t have to worry about our lack of inspiration.  Like the clover, it is everywhere, abundantly. If the rabbits can find clover, you can find inspiration.

Close your eyes.

Take deep, slow breaths. Take notice of your breathing.  Do not control it. Just witness that you are breathing without effort and it is bringing oxygen into your cells. Like the clover, like the breath, inspiration is readily available.  Naturally. Within us.  We can trust in that.  It is part of us and it is a gift from God. Offer yourself as praise back to God.  Stay in that moment.  Notice the inner joy that comes to you.  When you open your eyes, do not be distracted by the mundane.  Stay in silence.  Do not check your emails.  Pick up your tool instead and then allow what is within to birth from you.



4 thoughts on “What Is As Readily Available As The Clover?

  1. Hi Teresa,

    Am enjoying your advice here tonight– inspiration truly cannot be forced… Relaxing into it is the key I find. It’s almost like adopting the stance of infinite patience. If I can be okay with waiting indefinitely for the lightning to strike, the mind is freed to wander and explore, and then WHAM! But it has to be a genuine surrender, doesn’t it… That is kind of the paradox. We can’t fake out inspiration with our fake surrendering… 🙂


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