Isle of Eigg Part 2



Eigg is a place for families and for those who value solitude.  It is a place for those who find perfect bliss in gazing upon the majestic in nature and listening to the music of silence. It is for those who…

–love the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore

–love the sound of brooks babbling

— love to explore and discover

–love trekking and climbing steep slopes

–love wildlife

As for me, my time in Eigg has offered all this and more. I have spent wonderful moments here with my husband and each of my teen-aged children as well as spent some time alone.  The Isle of Eigg has been on my bucket list for a few years ever since I read about it in a magazine.  I wanted to discover the ‘Singing Sands’, the quartz beach where the sands chirp when you shuffle your feet in it.


I new that Eigg would be a place of beauty and serenity but I discovered more than I expected…

I had a happy shock when I realized that I could walk for several hours up and down slope-y paths and not feel tired or achy afterwards.  It was a phenomenon that I couldn’t get my head around at first.  To begin with, I am flat-footed.  I get constant back, shoulders and neck pains.  Generally, if I walk for an hour, I tend to come home feeling exhausted and achy so that I feel the need to take some pain relief (or a glass of wine) and put my feet up.  Not so on Eigg.  I even walked one day for six miles in a downpour and though I found it tiring going uphill, when it was over, I was absolutely fine.  No aches, no exhaustion.  I puzzled at this and have come to the conclusion that it is the combination of purer air and the salt from the ocean.  I have been to beaches before of course but on Eigg there is green energy and only a few cars so very little pollutants.


The second thing I wasn’t expecting is a bit hard for me to explain.  I feel as if my spirit has found its resting place.  There is a sort of spiritual recognition about this place.  I feel like I have come home.


So you see, I HAVE to come back here.  Also, if any of you decide to visit Eigg, one week is not enough!  There are so many walks and places to discover.  I have only explored a bit of the eastern side of Eigg.

Here’s another fact for all you Tolkien lovers: Charlie the taxi-driver told us that Tolkien used to stay here. Across the sea from Eigg is the Isle of Rum.  We think the mountains and inactive volcano may have been the inspiration for Mount Doom.  What do you think?




4 thoughts on “Isle of Eigg Part 2

  1. Hi Home and Spirit,
    What a lovely blog which just radiates your positive attitude! Egg is indeed an inspiring place. I suspect most people leave the island thinking they will be back some day. Thanks for the positive response to my photographs. All best.

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