Isle of Eigg Part 1

—-Isle of Eigg

The beautiful Isle of Eigg is located in the Scottish Inner Hebrides.  What it lacks in size (about 5 1\2 miles long by 3 miles wide), it gains in immense natural beauty.  Population here is less than 100. The island boasts of having nearly 200 different varieties of birds and electricity powered from renewable sources (wind, sun and water).

When we first arrived, we headed over to the shop to pick up the groceries I had ordered a week and a half before. The Shop-keeper introduced us to the Island’s only taxi driver, Charlie and told him where we were staying.  Here on Eigg, everyone seems to know where every house is and who owns it.  So we got into the taxi and Charlie entertained us by telling us some of the local gossip and who lived where.  We drove down a narrow road which we were informed was the only road –the M1 (with a wink).

Charlie pointed out a rather large and pretty house, “That is where the Headmistress lives.  She is about a hundred–retiring this year.” He further informed us that the school has only five students currently and pointed out the school house. He showed us the ‘swap house’ where locals can leave things they no longer need for other residents who may have use of them.  He pointed out a chapel which was good for taking cover in if you happen to be caught out in the rain whihc he said was something he has had to do from time to time, which are the only times he goes to church (not being a church-goer). Charlie was a wealth of information.  The last place he showed us was his own house which was close to where we were staying in Tigh Eilidh.  He said we could either phone him or knock on his door if we needed a cab.  The only food shop is located by the pier which is 4 miles from our accommodation so his service is pretty valuable to us.

The house is lovely with spectacular views although I guess any place on Eigg would have spectacular views. Still the photos I had seen of the place had not done it justice.


Behind the house, you can see what Charlie told us was “the hand of God pointing to heaven”.


Here are some views from the windows of the house:





Outside the house there is this bench which I sat on to write yesterday.



Here is what the plaque reads:


I don’t know who Stuart Millar was but I agree with him!



On our first day, we took a little walk and discovered that just a few feet from the house down a tiny obscure dip off the road was a bench by St. Columba’s well.  St.Columba was an Irish missionary who brought Christianity to Scotland.  The small area is completely hidden from the road, surrounded by tall reeds, thistles, buttercups and other wild plants.




There was a mug lying on the bench which I first thought was left there accidentally by someone having a cup of tea or coffee by the well.  Yesterday, I went back there and saw the same mug placed now upside down nearer to the well which made me realize that someone has left it there to drink from the well.




I hope the cup was meant for anyone and that the owner of it didn’t mind as I did use it to drink from the well.  I enjoyed the solitude by the well …until I discovered I wasn’t quite alone as there were a multitude of ‘midges’ and I thought it wise not to stay too long.  I am sure I will be back though.



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