A Week in Largs

Largs, Scotland-

When I was planning our family holiday, the plan was to drive to Scotland and eventually make our way to the Isle of Eigg.  However, between work and my daughter’s trip to Uganda, half the planning got delayed.  So just a few weeks before we were due to leave, I was frantically searching for accommodation somewhere for the first half of our Scotland trip.  We wanted a place that was located less than four hours drive from Mallaig where we catch the ferry to Eigg and that was how I learned about Lars and without any recommendation or a whole lot of information, I booked a self-catering house for us to stay there.

Largs is actually a very pretty seaside town in the Firth of Clyde located in the North-west coast of Scotland.  You can walk along the beach and visit quaint shops and there are many restaurants and cafes.







It  is home to Scotland’s best ice cream parlour which is found at Nardini’s (also a cafe and restaurant).  If you ever go to Largs, Nardini’s do fantastic Italian meals and pizza!  I didn’t count the number of flavour ice creams but there were quite a few including Bailey’s, Turkish Delight and Scottish tablet.  Great for a treat!

One of the highlights for me this week was visiting Kelburne Castle and estate.



I knew I was going to a colourfully painted castle but it turned out to be so much more! Picture a family with three teenagers exploring a “Secret Forest”.  You would think it was going to be something for only little kiddies to enjoy but it is definitely for all ages.  I have to say it brought out my inner child and I never really was a child per se.  Whoever designed the Secret Forest did an amazing job.  There were places to climb over and places to climb under, fairy-tale cottages, goblins’ prison, giant’s lair with a bean stalk to climb, crocodile swamp and so much more.  We all really loved it!











All in all, I would say Largs was a huge success.  All the shops were close by so very convenient for non-drivers to explore on their own.  I wouldn’t even mind living here (as I keep hinting to my husband)!



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