Setting Off For Scotland!

I am setting off for a two week trip to Scotland.  We will be spending the first week in Largs and the second week in the Isle of Eigg,  home of the singing sands.

I am looking forward to silence and nature, reading and writing.  These are the books I am bringing.


The top book is a new one by Michael Phillips about George McDonald’s and his theories on hell.  Not sure if I will get through that one during the trip bit I may make a start.

The second book is called, A Book Of Silence by Sarah Mainland which I bought especially for this trip.  The third is one I have been reading slowly.  It is the only way to read  John O’Donahue! The fourth is a book about mindfulness.

Stay tuned for blog posts from Scotland (if I can get Internet access).



4 thoughts on “Setting Off For Scotland!

  1. Sounds wonderful! I also went to the hill of Tara (with my daughter Tara). Really great place to visit. We took a coach from Dublin to get there. I am sure you will have a wonderful time!

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