The Inheritance by Rhonda Blackhurst– Book Review

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The joy of reading is a privilege of which I am always grateful for.  A good book has the power to enrich our lives, sometimes even teach us or cause us to reflect.  This morning, after just finishing the book, The Inheritance by fellow WordPress blogger, Rhonda Blackhurst, I find myself reflecting some more on all the teachable gems which glittered throughout the pages of the book.

The story begins with a tragedy. A mature couple, married for 36 years and still deeply in love lose their lives in a car accident leaving behind three adult children (and two grandchildren).  At the time of the reading of the will, the adult children are shocked to learn of the terms and conditions of their substantial inheritance which their parents had put in place.  They are also stunned to realize how well their parents knew them, so much so that even their presence is felt in the room as their will is read.  The terms of the will are ones where they will have to make some changes and sacrifice.  They are unique and individualized for each of the three siblings.  Each feel that they alone got the hardest terms and there are hurt feelings that cut through to the core opening up old wounds and repressed childhood emotions.

From as early on as chapter one, I felt well introduced to the characters of the story and deeply interested in each one. Their personalities, opinions and emotions all seem very much like real people I have known or could know. The story bids you to ask the questions, How well did their parents know them really? and Are the conditions of the will really spot on for each of them?

Unlike many overtly Christian novels, God is mentioned seldom in subtle ways allowing the characters to experience and the reader to see the quiet, deep ways God works within the depths of their hearts.  This is a beautiful story with great character development.  My only critique as a reader would be to wish the story had been a bit longer in the earlier part of the book but perhaps I read it through too quickly.  I read every morning before getting out of bed and last thing at night wanting to know what happens next to the characters I grew to love.

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    Thank you to Teresa at Home and Spirit for her review of my book. If you haven’t visited her blog, please do so. It’s time well spent. Her posts have touched my life on many occasions.


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