The Dance


“May I have this dance?” The soft voice asked.

I looked into the clear eyes which smiled into mind. I saw love in the gaze and felt my heart quicken in response.

“But there isn’t any music,” I said.

“I Am the music,” He replied.

I looked at His strong outstretched hand and knew that I would be safe.  I looked into His eyes once more  and also felt that I could trust Him above all others so I placed my hand gently into His.

Suddenly the air was alive with the most beautiful music I had ever heard. He led me across the dance floor and although I had never danced well before, I found myself gliding gracefully.  He led me and I followed with ease.  Together we spun and twirled in the dance of His love.  I could barely feel the ground beneath my feet and I wondered at His strength for surely he was lifting me most of the time.  I stumbled only once when I had dared to look away.  Afterwards, I kept my gaze upon His and I did not falter.

“Do you love this song?” He asked.

“Is it a song?” I asked for there was only instrumental music exquisitely playing.

“If you love the song, then sing with me.”

“Lord, I do not know the song,” I replied embarrassed now for I felt I should know it somehow.

“I Am the song,” He replied and began to sing.

At first I was afraid but when I looked into His loving eyes and listened to the words, I realized that I did know the song.  I lifted my voice and sang with Him.  Although I had never sang well before, I found myself singing in perfect harmony with Him.  I sang with Him and I sang too Him.  The song surged and I felt myself lifted higher even than before.  We sang whilst still dancing and never lost our breath or skipped a step.

I wondered how I knew the dance steps when I had never danced this dance before.  I wondered too how I knew the words to a song that I had never heard before.  I realized that He had spoken truly when He said He was the song.  With joyful surprise another thought came to me.  I looked up and realized He was smiling and nodding at me and I saw He knew my thoughts.

“So I am right?”  I asked.

“Yes, but you must say it Dearheart” He answered.

“Together…we are the song!”

“Yes! What else?”

“Together, we are the music!”

“Yes! What else?”

“Together, we are the dance!”

He laughed with joy and lifted me even higher and spun me around so that the lights from the candles reflected off the sparkles of my gown making them shine like a multitude of tiny stars.

He then placed me safely on my feet.  I bowed low to Him but He never let go of my hand nor I His.


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