Diet Affinity

This is the last post on my nutritional diet series.  In a sense, it is ‘Diet Affinity’ because it is all about understanding ourselves and our relationship with food first and understanding nutrition second.  We are not all the same and we need to approach health and nutrition and what we eat in a way that is integral to us.

Note: If you have an eating disorder then the way you relate to food has been damaged by false perceptions.  In order for your perceptions to change, you will need to seek help from a professional. 

When it comes to changing your eating habits, your rate of success is determined by how well you can integrate your mind (Psyche), body and spirit.  As many of you probably realize, you can have all the nutritional knowledge in the world and still not have good eating habits.  Something has to ‘click’ and that something is your spirit working with your mind as partners and dictating to the body what it needs. Determination is the spark that sets things in motion and it is determination that is also the fuel to keep your progress going. I have also found it important to not give myself a hard time when I fall (reached for that extra portion for instance) and to not give up. My bad choices are becoming fewer and far between because I simply start again with the right intentions.  Meditation and faith has helped me to smother the self-accusations that sometimes arise in my head.  I am not a bad person if I make a mistake, I am a person who is learning and in the process of unmaking bad habits and creating good ones.  The same applies to you whether you have a belief in God or not.  You are equally capable of over-coming the bad eating habits.  We all have to do it in our own way and in our own time.

One of the other things I want us all to work on is to develop the mindset that bad foods such as sugary foods or alcohol is not nurturing ourselves.  Whole foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains is how we nurture ourselves with food.  If we have a bad day, then somehow or another we have to tell ourselves, ‘I’ve had a bad day therefore I need a wholesome bowl of soup* or a cup of herbal tea.’

I know how it sounds but I really think changing our mindset is one of the keys.  The second thing we can do is to keep our minds in the present moment when we eat.  By that I mean eat consciously, slowly and involving all your senses.  Think about the nutrients you are taking in and the fact that you are nurturing your body.

From time to time, remind yourself that you are worth treating right and worth the extra time that is sometimes needed to eat healthy.  Do not self-harm with junk food or excess sugar.

*Note: You can make wholesome soup like in the picture above by using all your leftover raw vegetables and throwing it in a pot of water and allowing it to simmer for an hour or so.  Celery  is one of those vegetables that when it has gone soft, you may not want to eat it but it will add flavour and nutrients in a soup. Add some leftover dim sum, brown rice, potatoes, beans or spelt pasta to make it more filling. You can even beat an egg and add it to the broth while it’s simmering to make egg drop soup.


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