As Much As I hate To Admit It—We All Gotta Do It

So unusual for Home And Spirit, I have started a nutritional diet series.  I will be back to writing other posts about interior design and spirituality in the not-too-distant future.  However, as I have decided I needed to change my eating habits, I thought it might help those of you who also want to become more healthy to share the journey with me.  This article is sixth in the series.

Anybody remember Wonderama?

Funny how that song still sticks in my head after all these years!

As much as I hate to admit it, we all gotta do it–exercise!  Since I have only lost 6 pounds, I have been thinking about fun calorie burning activities and exercises.  Here are some ideas:

  • Dance to some great energetic music (like Floggin’Molly)
  • Bounce on a trampoline
  • Bounce on a space hopper- I gotta get me one of those!


  • Energetic house cleaning—I love this way too much if I am honest.  Totally prefer it to exercising which is not ideal but I think I can implement it as part of my exercise routine.
  • Babysit some toddlers–not a joke!  I did this recently and really burned some calories!  So much fun chasing after little ones.
  • Play sports–not for me but some of you may like to so it goes on the list.
  • Power Yoga
  • roller blading
  • Bike riding
  • Ice skating
  • Decorating!!  Which is what I am doing next week!

So how is everyone else doing?  Are you adding all those amazing colourful fruits and veggies to your diet? Are you ready to implement some exercises?  How about we start slowly together…just 5 minutes a day to start but make those 5 minutes ultra-fun and make it count!


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