True Facts About Food Vices

So unusual for Home And Spirit, I have started a nutritional diet series.  I will be back to writing other posts about interior design and spirituality in the not-too-distant future.  However, as I have decided I needed to change my eating habits, I thought it might help those of you who also want to become more healthy to share the journey with me.  This article is fourth in the series.

If you have been reading this series of articles about my new diet plan, you will know that it is about gradual health changes.  We looked at understanding our relationship with food and changing the foods we eat from beige-y colour foods to adding lots of colourful fruits and vegetables.  In this article I want to talk about something we may be a wee bit uncomfortable with namely your food vices.

What are your food vices?  Let’s be honest because we probably all have them.  If there is anything you eat which you have a problem cutting back on, then it’s time you look at them honestly and think about what they are doing to your health.


White/Refined sugar: You may find this hard to believe but white/refined sugar is toxic. Let’s look at some facts:

1. Zero nutritional value

2. Though it may appear to give you a bit of energy when you first eat it, it actually causes your energy to plummet later in the day.  It also depletes your energy over all.

3. It is related to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and liver damage.

4. Causes obesity and belly fat.

5. It depletes the body of vitamins and minerals.

6. Causes tooth decay (it depletes the body of calcium)

7. Increases the risk of gallstones

8. Interferes with brain function

9. More highly-addictive than alcohol

10. It messes with your metabolism.

When it comes to refined sugar, there is no reason at all we should be consuming it.  It is equivalent to taking drugs and it is found in so many packaged foods it’s unbelievable!  The goal I have given myself down the line is to give up sugar altogether.  The way I do it, is to tell myself I have already done it but don’t give my self a guilt trip when I find I have eaten some sugar.  For one thing, I sometimes don’t realize there is sugar in something until it is too late and for another thing sometimes, people will offer it to me as a gift or when I am over someone’s for dinner.  They mean well, it is love so I don’t turn down a small serving of it.

The other thing I want you all to realize is that you still have to be cautious with fruit consumption.  Yes, fruit is nutritious and you should have some but be careful not to overload on it as it still has sugar. Drink fruit juice occasionally only and don’t give it to children.  They are better off with a piece of fruit and a glass of water.

Alcohol: The above list of sugar facts also applies to alcohol consumption. Just add that it also lowers fertility.  It is another thing we need to eliminate from our diet.

Bread: Don’t hate me, but unfortunately bread can also spike blood sugar levels.  It also has a lot of sugar and evidence is mounting that most people have even a small sensitivity to glucose.  Glucose sensitivity is linked to schizophrenia. Most grains contain phytic acid which binds nutrients and prevents them from being absorbed.

Step 3: Give up sugar and alcohol and cut back on bread consumption

1. When you crave something sweet, go for a piece of fruit.

2. Drink plenty of water instead of carbonated drinks, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages.

3. Stay away from artificial sweeteners as they are all carcinogens.

Great news!  When you start giving up on sugar, bread and alcohol, your energy levels increase and your mind becomes clearer and your less tired.  Give it up altogether and you end the cravings.


One thought on “True Facts About Food Vices

  1. I definitely get in my bread (gluten-free) and sugar crazes. And while I know they make me function at a lower level, physically as well as mentally, they’re still something I struggle cutting back on. 😦

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