Understanding Our Relationship With Food

I have come to the conclusion that the way to optimal nutrition and maintenance of health is through the understanding of ourselves and our relationship with food.

So we’ve done the first step by delving in and understanding our past diet failures. What did that tell you about yourself?

Okay, before I go any further, let’s make one thing clear because I suddenly feel like I just had a ‘telepathic’ mind-full of negative comments from those of you who may have just put yourself down.  Failing at diets does not make you a failure.  It makes you human and it makes you blessed.  Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to have an even greater understanding of yourself.  By understanding your weaknesses, you are given the opportunity to learn to overcome them. Hurray!(Hurray for me too because we are on this journey together!)

Step 2: Gain insight into your relationship with food

1. In the past, whenever you have tried to take on a new habit or discipline, which proved to be more successful for you?  To go to an extreme and then reign yourself in or to do things gradually?

2. What foods are you absolutely not willing to depart with?  Make a list if there are several. Would your doctor say it is okay to eat these foods?

3.How much exercise are you willing to do per day?  Be totally honest, even if it’s none!

4. Look at the list below (or make your own list of fruit and vegetables which are local to your country).  Looking at the list, make a list of your own of all your favourite fruits and vegetables.  Now notice the colours of the foods you picked.  Is there enough variation in colour?  Do you have anything blue or purple?  Are dark greens missing?  If you do notice some missing colours, decide which of those foods you would be willing to try or eat more often and write them down. (I’ve noticed I have missed a few so please feel free to add your own).

List Of Fruits And VegsClue: What makes this diet easy as that we will not be counting fat grams or calories.  Instead we will be choosing foods from a wonderful array of colours. 

Here’s what I’ll be eating:

Fruits and Vegs



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