The ‘D’ Word

As I mentioned in my post Coming Soon On Home And Spirit, I have decided to create my very own tailor-made d***.

No please, hear me out.

It is a d*** made specifically for me but with tips on how you can also create your own with virtually no effort and no time spent on reading books or counting calories or fat.  It is really going to be a no-brainer.

Here’s why I have decided to do this.

In December, I hit an all-time high and an all-time low.  While no one would call me fat, I actually hit the highest weight ever; about the same at my full term pregnancies. Besides hitting an all-time high in weight gain, I hit an all-time low in nutrition.  I ate loads of sugary foods and drank wine nearly every night because it was the “Christmas season”.  At the end of December, I felt extremely unwell. I experienced a drop in energy, a drop in my mood and I was so bloated I actually looked pregnant.

feeling bloated

In my life-time, I have read many books on health and nutrition and took part in several diets.  In my twenties, I was a successful dieter.  At one point, I was doing two hours of cardiovascular exercises a day and eating low fat.  In my thirties, I did about half hour to an hour of exercise a day and went on the Carbohydrates Addict Diet (with amazing results). In my forties, I exercised infrequently or sporadically alternating between different types of yoga to simple exercise, dance and stretches and then finally stopped exercising altogether.  I made new years eve resolutions about losing weight and then didn’t stick to the diet.

So I decided not to have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  I decided instead to put my foot down and to begin to get healthy again and then to get healthier still.  I wanted my energy back.  I wanted to feel good and I wanted to hopefully lose  some weight.

However, I had to face the facts as to why I haven’t been able to stick to diets and all the reasons that were keeping me from losing weight. So I spent just a few moments thinking about this and came up with a list. Once, I had the list in front of me, I came to the decision that I needed to have a tailor-made diet.  One that was easy to follow and stick with.  One that didn’t cost a lot of time.  One where I didn’t feel deprived of the food I loved but also one where I felt healthy and energised. Now who else would be better to create this diet for me but me? After all, I know myself better than anyone.

So although this diet is tailor-made for me, I hope to give you the tools and hopefully some inspiration to create your own diet.  If you’re interested, please check out future blog posts on this subject.


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