My Frugal (But Hopefully Tasteful) Christmas Decorations

My endeavour to have a frugal but tasteful, beautiful and meaningful Christmas has not been without its ups and downs.  Creativity costs time and I have learned some lessons about planning well in advance.  My living-room is finally decorated for Christmas and thanks to Michelle from Home For Now I have made some delicious Mini Pecan Pie Tarts to give as gifts. This costs me less time than the various assorted Christmas cookies I usually make!  So thanks Michelle!

Do you remember my Autumn inspired coffee table décor? Well, here is my now Christmas inspired décor:

Christma coffee table

The frugal thing I did was to buy some cheap plain white wallpaper and a holly stencil and then stencil and draw using coloured pencils and Pantone markers which I already had. I also re-used my pot-pourri from last year but bought some orange and cinnamon oil to refresh the scent.

I wanted my décor to reflect simplicity and the real meaning of Christmas so instead of my usual nutcracker and Victorian doll and woodland fairy and glitzy ornaments on the tree, I opted for less ornaments than usual and chose to pick ornaments that either were hand-made or looked hand-made or reflected nature or stuffed toys but then allowed my two teens who wanted to help choose some family favourites to put on the tree.  I also added some burlap ribbon and some felt stars which I picked up for only 70p each in a sale.

Christmas tree

Christmas ornaments


Many years ago, my mother made me a ceramic nativity set.  Somehow or another I left it behind in New York before I moved to England.  I managed to retrieve it last spring when I went to NY and brought it home in my luggage.

ceramic nativity

In keeping with the nature theme, I bought a wicker basket and added some Christmas tree branches which I got for free from our local garden center.  Then I added some scented pine cones which I had saved from last year but also refreshed with cinnamon oil and finally, I added some battery powered Christmas lights.  This sits now to the side of our fireplace.

pinecone basket

If you know anything about me, you  know I love books.  I have a small collection of Christmas-y books which I piled up by the fireplace (Don’t worry,  I know to move it if I put on the fire!) and placed my hare statue on top.  Some of my favourites are missing.  Jostein Gaarder’s The Christmas Miracle (because it’s a paperback) and Madeline L’Engle’s Miracle On 10th Street And Other Christmas Writings (because I am reading it now).

christmas books


Every year, I put up this swag of Christmas garland over the door frames in my house.






So there you have it!  My frugal Christmas decorations this year!

Joyous Noel!


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