The Art Of Gifting Meaningfully (And Frugally)

If you have read my previous posts you will know that I have given myself the challenge of doing Christmas frugally but with a celebratory perspective.  We celebrate Christmas in recognition of the birth of Christ so we should celebrate it without giving ourselves any cause to grumble. In my last post I listed my Top Ten Ways To Save Money On Christmas Presents.  In this post I want to focus on DIY gifts that are meaningful.  Because although we are trying to save money on gifts, I want to make up for that by gifting in a way that shows we really love the person.  There are many websites as well as pins on Pinterest that show DIY gifts that are more for the acquaintance.  However, if you are wanting to give a DIY gift to a close relative or friend, a jar of home-made cocoa may not be the kind of gift you want to give.  Okay, I will say that meaningfully DIY gifts will cost you some time.  So some of the ideas I list may have to be postponed till next year.

My husband is THE KING of DIY gifting.  One year, he spent ages making my son Brandon this board game.  Brandon has always loved everything to do with cars.

frugal christmas gifts

There are a lot of creative and humorous aspects to this game.

DIY board game


Frugal Christmas


DIY gifts

Frugal christmas gifts

Another year, he made a Magic Genie poster for my son where you ask the genie a question and turn a dial and receive your amazing answer.  He has also written my daughters personal and meaningful short stories and more wonderfully, he has written me books where the main character’s name is an anagram of mine.

frugal christmas gifts 2


frugal gifts 3


My children have also taken part in DIY gifts to each other making home-made bath bombs, jewellery and drawings.  I tend to do things with photos.  I made a scrapbook for my husband of a trip to Scotland we took and another one of his children’s photos.  I have also made photo-books using on-line companies where I created the book on my computer and had them put it together in a binded book.

photo book




You can get more creative by making the photo-book into story books for young children using your own photos or pictures of your artwork.  You can even have photo books with hilarious or meaningful themes such as 10 Things I Love About You (perhaps ending it with a marriage proposal) or a movie theme using images from movies where you edit it and merge it with your own photos using a photo editing tool.  Just use your imagination!

Speaking of which I found this amazing company called Image 3D that will put your photos onto a viewmaster type disk.  I LOVE this idea.  It is perfect for anyone who is into retro stuff.


Another idea you can do (which my daughter did for my husband) is to write them a song.  You can choose to record this on video or sing it for them in person.

Once I put real personal meaning into a home-made Christmas tree ornament.  I used an oval plaque of wood and layered images using my printer, a rubber stamp and a cut out picture from a sheet of Christmas tissue paper.  I edged it with a braid and added a bow and some fabric rosettes.

Many years ago, I made Floral wreaths similar to the one below using a mixture of dried and silk flowers for both my grandmothers.


If you can knit or crochet or sew, you can make beautiful blankets, quilts, scarves, throws, cushions or anything you can think of.  If you’re a creative baker, you can make home-made breads or cookies to give as a gift.  I sometimes like to put together a Christmas hamper or basket full of a mixture of home baked gifts or themed items such as a movie night box or a bottle of wine with some wine glasses and cheeses.  Shops charge a lot for these so why not create your own with quality items and personal touches? I may just use the below idea for a gift for someone. Shhh!


So DIY does not mean corny, chintzy or cheap-looking.  Make it meaningful, make it with a spirit of love and joy.



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