Things You Love Or A Joyless Burden?


Well, what can I say about today?  It’s the 25th of November.  It is two days before Thanksgiving and then it is time to prepare for Christmas.  This morning I woke up and began to mentally make a list of what I still needed to buy for Thanksgiving dinner.  I wondered if I needed to add more to the menu or delete something off the menu.  I pondered on what housework I needed getting done as I had been at work and too busy and too tired over the last few days to get much done. I wondered if I had time to do my Christmas shopping in person without ordering on-line this year. I thought and I planned so many things that I soon felt that familiar twinge of the beginning of a headache in my frontal lobe sparked by stress.  As often as this happens, I am still surprised that it does.  I love holidays! I love preparing feasts and entertaining guests.  I love the change in seasons and the decorations.  it is my favourite time of year.  However, I do stress out the most during this time of year. Why is that?

As I reflect on this, I realize it is because a) I put too much pressure on myself and b) my spirit struggles to keep up with my mental busyness…hence, the stress headache.  Now I suddenly get it!

I have been taking notes during this past week’s meditation time. I need to take notes.  My spirit learns but then my mind forgets.  Luckily, I can go back and read what I wrote.  As I was re-reading my notes this morning, I realize there has been a common thread and that what my spirit (or God) is teaching me is that when I choose to do things, even though they may the things I desire to do, I must do them with joy and peace. If I stress out about them because I am putting too much pressure on myself then even my desires lose their colour and become a joyless burden.  Has that ever happen to you?…  That things you love suddenly become a joyless burden?

So how do we begin to put joy back into our chosen tasks?  Thanksgiving is there to remind us of the very first step. It begins with being thankful. It shouldn’t be difficult to be thankful for the tasks we choose to do.  Why do I choose to make a Thanksgiving and a Christmas feast? Because I love to create.  I love evoking the senses.  I love seeing everyone happy.  To prepare a feast is a love offering to my family and friends.  Therefore, in a spirit of love and gratitude, I can go about my tasks and say, Thank you. Thank you, I was able to find all the ingredients in the supermarket to prepare a meal for those that I love.  Thank you for these wonderful people in my life. Thank you for this opportunity to bless others.  And although I awoke at 6:30 AM worrying about all that I had to do and it is now nearly 1:00 PM and I have gotten nothing done except some laundry and this post, I am thankful for the beautiful photo that my friend Marilylle took of her lake and her allowing me to use her photos in my blog. I am also thankful  for the time I took to slow down to write while sitting by my fireplace and my scented candles while John Michael Talbot plays on the stereo and the peace within tells me all good things will get done.

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