No Time, No Money, No Space…No Worries!


Sometimes it is so easy to get frantically worrying about things.  There seems to be never enough time, money, space or balance in life.  Occasionally, I lose sleep worrying.  These days are busy days for me.  Our family is leaving for New York next Tuesday for the happy occasion of my daughter Brittany’s wedding.  Although, we had plenty of time to plan things, I found myself frantically trying to schedule last minute dental appointments, a doctor appointment, eye exam, shopping and the writing of a speech.  When my poor husband asked me for the address of the place we are staying at….a simple thing, I nearly cried just to have one more thing on my ‘To Do’ list. Then I was gently reminded by that still, loving voice: When was the last time you meditated?  When was the last time you asked God for help?  With whose strength are you trying to accomplish all these things?

Oh dear!

So I gave my morning to God yesterday and all the anxiety lifted away.  I realize I had been on top of things really, but I was panicky and getting inwardly grumbly.  I had ceased to be comfortable in my own skin and my communion with God had declined.  I was doing it in my own strength but my emotional strength was not strong enough.  I had begun to believe the lie that I had no time to pray or meditate.  After allowing my spirit time with God, I spent the day, calm, cool and collected…that is until about 3:30 AM when I woke up worrying again.  Did I think to pray and meditate then?  Truthfully, no.  not until 9:30 AM.  A whole six hours later!

I have this to say now:  God’s strength is reliable.  Without Him, we can only do so much.  When I spend time with God, the dormant love in my heart becomes lit again and chases away the fears.  Knowing God is for me and loves me and loves all those around me allows me to rest in the peace of His strength.

Something else I know is this:  God’s grace is reliable.  He is always forgiving and always loving.  I have been blessed with the added time to write this blog post today because my loving husband decided to offer to drive me to work and save me commuting by public transport.

If any of this resonates with you, then please remember to have a spiritual start to the day.  Give half an hour at the start of a busy day for communion with God.






2 thoughts on “No Time, No Money, No Space…No Worries!

  1. Teresa, I pray that God will strip away anxiety and allow you the gift of being fully present to your daughter and each moment of her wedding experience. May it be full and rich and fill your heart to overflowing!

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