Home Office For Small Spaces

Over the past few decades, society’s perception on family has slowly gone through some changes.  When I was a child, it was the norm for fathers to work and mother’s to be at home with the children.  It was generally presumed that it was the father’s role to earn the living and the mother’s to be nurturers and home-makers.  However, women wanted equal rights to a career and equality in the workplace so soon it became more and more common to see both parents working and earning while children being looked after by grandparents or childcare providers.  Society’s views changed again as it began to see that fathers as well as mothers can and should be nurturers.  Then came a sense of regret as both parents would love to spend time with their children. These views were often accompanied by sad comments such as, ‘We both need to work in order to get by.’

Nowadays both parents see their careers and their role as parents as equally important.  Therefore, many have looked for solutions such as starting their own business.  Likewise, many businesses now make working from a home possible for their employees.  It isn’t just people who have children who choose this option.  It has become increasingly obvious to people that they need more balance and less stress in their lives.  More time for creativity, hobbies, social life and relaxation is needed and less time travelling to and from the work place.

However, in order to work from home, you first need to set a up a work area or home office. This alone can be challenging if space is limited.  Below are images of home office set-ups which show creative ways of maximizing your space.

One clever place to set up office is to use the space under the stairs.  It doesn’t have to look messy or cluttered.  Be creative as with the wood panelling used in the picture below.




How about a home office wardrobe? You can have a fold down or pull-out desk and still have plenty of storage.






Have a corner you can spare somewhere?  The great thing about setting it up in your living space is you can keep an eye on the children if necessary.  This office takes up little space but has plenty of shelves for storage as it utilizes wall space.






Another option may be to divide an existing room so that you have a small room for a private office with its own door.  It doesn’t need to be big as you can still be creative with organizing.  Having your own private room for your office means that you can truly make the space your own.





Here’s another great idea.  You can use the alcove next to your fireplace to put a desk in.  You may even choose to have a desk built in.





If you have an attic or loft, you can turn that into a cosy office.




I really like the idea of a built to purpose attached desk.  The wall lamp and shelving unit makes the space feel separate from the rest of the room.






So for whatever reason, having an at home office can be viable, functional and be made to look beautiful!


Note:  All photos were sourced from www.houzz.com


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