8 Habits Of Love–Book Review


I love a book or any artistic endeavour where the spirit and truth of the author shines through.  Ed Bacon is an Episcopal priest who has a heart of gold.  He is what I might call a Christian Mystic or Spiritual Christian but has the laid back approach of a ‘regular guy’.  He is authentic.  I first came across Ed Bacon when he was being interviewed on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday series and knew I just had to get his book.  In 8 Habits of Love: Open Your Heart, Open Your Mind, Ed Bacon shares some basic principles for life.  Each principle (or habit) in practice would enable those who read it to live life without fear or judgement and with more love and freedom.  The 8 habits are simply explained with some entertaining and often times moving or humorous true stories.  In fact, this may be the only non-fictional book I have read where I was hooked and excited by the introduction.  The habits are Generosity, Stillness, Truth, Candor, Play, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Community.  I don’t want to give too much away but I found Bacon’s definition of compassion refreshing.  This book teaches a true message of love in a way that is so uplifting for its inclusiveness alone.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a guide book for living whether you are a Christian or not.  I wish this book had been around when I was just beginning my own walk with God.  It drew me in so that I could not put it down.  Very inspiring!  I hope this is not Ed Bacon’s first and only book.


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