Quote From Ed Bacon

“Religious History is tragically blemished by practices that hijacked the idea of God for the purpose of creating enemies or infidels, classifying them as evil to justify violence so the group seeking power could be “saved” and ultimately dominate. No wonder millions embrace a noble position of atheism out of a sense of intellectual, spiritual and moral integrity.  I myself am an atheist about that particular concept of God.”


3 thoughts on “Quote From Ed Bacon

  1. I’m glad you posted this, Teresa. I read Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion once and walked away thinking… well yeah, if THAT was what I thought God was or required, then I’d be boycotting also. I think there is as much soul-searching and inner exploration required to come to terms with what that one little word “God” really means as there are years of mathematical maneuvering by a physicist before they arrive at a consistent theoretical structure…


    • I agree Michael! After nearly 30 years of seeking, exploring and pondering God I have come to realize however that the deepest truth is often made more clear to me when I don’t strive to understand with my mind (hence my ego) getting in the way but when I simply allow God to break through my barriers and show me who love is.

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