One Life Three Births

Three Births

“I remember you from the future.”  What an odd thing to say…yet odder still that the words resonated.  On some strange level, the words felt true to me.  A truth deeper than understanding.  More loving than, “Will you marry me?” Perhaps even more loving than,  “I love you.”  The words have since been kept filed away in my heart for they were spoken to me by my future husband.

Today, as I began my morning meditation, the words came into mind and I followed to see where these words would  take me.  When I did, I realized I was now saying them to God.  ‘I remember you from the future.’  The words spoken unconsciously from my spirit were words of love while my mind responded in wordless questions. I was then reminded about a conversation I had with my husband Jim not too long ago.  I told him I had this sense that I knew God before I was born.  Although I had in the past always believed life began at conception,  lately I have had the sense that I have known God before.  How else did I know something was missing?  How else did I recognize God when I met Him?  When these words came into my heart this morning, I wondered as I have often wondered over the years,  what is time?  Is it as we experience it?  Is it linear?  Is time the same for us as it is for God?  And now I wondered, does our spirit experience time differently and perhaps that is why I remembered God from the future?

My thoughts were then led to life.  I followed. We are born into this world.  We are (hopefully) spiritually re-born.  When we die, it is another birth again.  Many people who have had near-death experiences talk about going through a dark tunnel and seeing a light at the end of it.  For the first time, it occurred to me how similar that sounds to a baby being born.  To many of us, the word death seems to have awful connotations, a finality to it.  This morning, I realized that death is our third birth.  Our first birth…the physical one was full of intensity.  Light and sound.  Pain and hunger.  Fear and nurture. Our second birth…the spiritual re-birth we experience when we are awakened and find God (again) is full of the newer experiences of peace and love.  Joy and bliss.  Gratitude and faith.  It is in one respect a step up from our physical birth.  With spiritual re-birth, our physical side…our mind…our psyche or ego connects with our spiritual side.  We feel more wholeness.  So if death is a third birth, we have nothing to fear and every reason to look forward to it.  It is a furthering of our life with greater wholeness, greater intensity of experience, greater joy and bliss.



4 thoughts on “One Life Three Births

  1. I was reminded reading this of a car ride with my mother once when I was probably seven years old. I was asking about God and… you know… how do you “feel” Him? How did we know He was even real…? My mother said something along the lines you wrote here… that we already know Him, or we wouldn’t be missing Him because we can’t miss something we’ve never known, and if I had never known Him I wouldn’t even be thinking to ask that type of question…

    Then she slammed on the brakes to avoid careening through a red light and I experienced my first ever Zen moment.

    Actually, no… That last bit’s just a little Hollywood sensationalism… : )


  2. I so resonate with the imagery of birth concerning death! When my Grandma died as I held her hand, I had such a sense of her letting go of my hand so she could grasp another – another hand I could not see yet that welcomed her into a whole new world. A place she will be waiting when at last I, too, am “born.” Thank you for writing so beautifully of this idea.

    • Thank you for sharing that story about your Grandmother’s passing. I found it so moving! It means a lot to me that you understood about death being like a birth. Not every one sees it that way. Perhaps it is just a shadow explanation of what it is really going to be like. (I always think of CS Lewis’ imagery of the ‘Shadow-lands’)

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