Books! Glorious Books!

I have had a passion for books ever since I learned to read.  I still remember the day when reading suddenly clicked.  I was in first grade and we had (joy of all joys) ‘silent reading time’.  There were short stories of Dick and Jane (anyone remember them?).  I kept reading each one, and then going back to the bookcase to replace it with another.  I was reading quickly for the first time and I ended up reading them all and being absolutely thrilled. Soon after, my mother took me to the public library to get a children’s library card and the world just opened up for me.

Genres have changed over the years becoming broader and more inclusive.  These days I try to read more non-fiction as fiction can often be a vice for me.  When I do read fiction, I just can’t put it down and everything else in my life becomes second place.  I suppose that’s because when I was a child, books (especially sci-fi and fantasy) were my escape.

When my children were small, I discovered the joy of sharing my passion with them.  It is a wonderful experience to be able to read aloud to your children.  I revelled in it! I became actress and story-teller all in one.  I especially loved doing the voice of the White Witch in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I have a couple of wonderful home videos of me reading Cinderella to little Tara and The Lion King to little Brittany.

Reading to Brianna with Brittany and Brandon

Reading to Brianna with Brittany and Brandon

In recent years, books have become my teachers, my mentors, my muse.  Reading is also my way of starting my day in the morning as well as relaxing during my lunch break and at the end of the day.  I love especially reading during a thunderstorm.  It has to be fiction then–perhaps a re-reading of  Tolkien or one of  MacDonald’s luscious faery stories or an intense suspenseful book by King.  I try not to be fanatical about my books.  Well, maybe I don’t try all that hard!  I have them in nearly every room of the house.  I love seeing my bookcases filled with them although  at the moment I don’t have enough bookcases.

Recently, I had a birthday and was blessed with books and an Amazon gift card which of course I spent immediately on more books.  I now have two large piles of books on my bedside table as well as more on its way and more waiting to be read in my bookcases.

Bedside table books


The Philosophy book pictured above is a borrow from my daughter Jadzia who just finished her A level course.


More books

The bear is a gift from Jadzia one Christmas when she was 7.  I was then given a little baby bear which I keep together on my night table as well.  With all these books, it is a bit of a challenge placing my cup of tea there as well, but I manage.

So let’s talk books….what are your favourites?  What are you currently reading?


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