Designer Paint And Smart Photo Editor

It has been a while since I have posted in the Interior Design genre but today I want to share with you a couple of exciting finds.  My first find is from the exciting world of interior paint.  While I was perusing Designer Paint, (the website which offers oodles of choices in designer paint) and ordering some paint samples to try for a secret room makeover in my house, I came across their Colour Folio.  It is a box containing the latest paint colour cards from all the designer brands they sell.  This box of goodies only costs £5.95 and even comes with a paint brush!

This A4 size box is pretty nifty and comes with velcro fastenings.




Below is what I found when I opened the box.







Look at all these paint cards!


Sorry forgot to show the paintbrush but it is there under all those cards.

I also ordered a few paint samples.  I am still unsure about what paint I will be choosing so it’s great to be able to try before I buy.  If you are now expecting loads of posts from me on this up and coming makeover…you will be right but you may have some time to wait as I am notorious when it comes to making up my mind about things.  I love colour but hate getting it wrong so this may take awhile.  Here’s a clue…I may be going over to the dark side.

Another thing I have been working on is photo editing.  In the past I have used Photo Bucket on line and Portrait Professional for fixing lighting, blemishes etc.  Today I have downloaded a new software from Anthropics, Smart Photo Editor and I am excited about the 1000’s of ways I can improve my photos.  I am not a photographer which is why I like the help of software to fix all my photo mistakes and enhance them as well!  Here is one I played with by changing the sky.


Before photo of a scene in Cumbria

Before photo of a scene in Cumbria


Adding a rainbow

Adding a rainbow


Gorgeous rosy sky

Gorgeous rosy sky

I can even add tree branches!

Cumbria 062_pe3

Or a night sky:

Cumbria 062_pe4

Using software like this is a great way of creating original artwork for your home.  Why buy when you can create?  Exciting, no?



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