The Being Of God Is Love–Therefore Creation

When I read the simple but profound statement just yesterday morning I had no idea that I would end up about 30 minutes later sitting in amazing bliss with tears running down my cheeks.  I read it and thought, ‘What does THAT mean?’ It seems strange to me that  I keep reading words being associated with other words as I strive to learn and grow spiritually.  Hate is fear.  Love is gratitude. Now here was George MacDonald stating, ‘The being of God is love-therefore creation.’

Love is creation? I couldn’t quite get my head around all that George MacDonald meant. I supposed that if I re-word the statement to God is love therefore he creates…well then it makes a bit more sense.  When I thought further about what it feels like when I create, I remembered the experience of joy and peace which are other words often associated with love.  I sat back against my pillows and closed my eyes to meditate. I was doing Deepak and Oprah’s 21 day meditation experience and I was now on day 21. What began as musing over a simple statement slowly turned into …well something much more.  When it was not quite over, I grabbed my spiritual journal and jotted down quickly everything which was revealed to me.  I thought about the Big Bang Theory…not the TV show but the actual theory.  Some Christians are repelled by the notion.  Many Scientists have other theories.  The Big Bang is but one theory based on scientific evidence which has some flaws. Flaws…can be fascinating. If you would like a basic explanation of the theory, you can read it here: The Big Bang Theory

Below is my edited journal entry of  how my musings unfolded:

The Big Bang. The expansion of  the universe.  When I think about it, I see real beauty.  I see creation unfolding majestically and beautifully and slowly.  If a painter had the ability to simply wish or think a masterpiece into reality would he be as satisfied as he would be when he labours over the canvas with his paints and brushes? (See Colleen Briggs blog Fragments of Light and how she shows the process of her beautiful paintings). I imagine our God in the act of creating–allowing the universe and all within to unfold.  The planets and stars move and dance and journey into their final and orbital positions in space. So much happens slowly and then I see the first living single-cell creatures created with a survival instinct to grow and evolve first physically and eventually for humans spiritually.  I imagine the joy God has in the creation process.  He is loving what he creates and He creates in love.  When He created the first seed of live…what is referred to as a singularity…that unknown something, I see God shouting for joy and perhaps with an exclamation saying, “Now it begins!”

Image Source

Image Source

I sense His joy as He creates man and His yearning to gift humanity-each individual with more and more life.  I see His suffering as man refuses His gifts and does not even notice what is on offer.  I see the incarnation who arrives to prove His love to mankind by allowing them to witness God’s suffering on the cross.  An act that says, ‘The gift of abundant life has always been on offer.  It was always with you.  You always had it but you needed me to show you  how much I love you.’ I sense God offering me the gifts as He offers us all and I had always wanted to use it my way but He says, ‘No. Life is more abundant when you use it MY way.’  I realize this is true but I yet do not see how except that it starts with love and that I must give more and more love and my life will become more and more abundant which is the gift. What more can I ask except that my gift will be used in His glory? AND I can tell my daughter Jadzia that these things take time and to have joy in the unfolding of your life! AND what I learned from Deepak is: I am enough.  Each and every one of us is enough.



8 thoughts on “The Being Of God Is Love–Therefore Creation

  1. That line from MacDonald is great. It brought me back to a feeling I had once when I “realized” that Love’s existence was not the product of any choices any being, even God, had made. To say Love is real, is not like saying there is a building there. Buildings could be torn down and replaced. Love cannot be undone or changed in any way. Love is real, and therefore Creation! What an awesome thought…



  2. Oh my creation keeps creating!! I met you through Line’s blog and I am Blown away by your depth! I think us kindred spirits are coming together.. I just started blogging my souls work …2 months ago and your words here were what I wrote about yesterday .. I am so glad I found you and check out my blog.. It may help with clarity… I will keep following Heart to heart Robyn


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