Son by Lois Lowry–A Review


In the past when I have come to the end of a book I have either sighed happily, grumbled, smiled or exclaimed aloud, ‘That’s IT?!’  However, cheering and then sobbing for joy is a first for me.

Son ends the story began in The Giver which is the first book Lois Lowry’s quartet. When I read The Giver, I loved it but was hugely dissatisfied with the ending.  I tried to console myself with the fact that as the story was written about a society whose rights to choose and live fully were stripped from them then perhaps not knowing what happens next meant anything was possible because no one was controlling the ending, not even the author.  It was how it was meant to be…well for several years that is until Lois Lowry published  the first companion Gathering Blue, then The Messenger and now the conclusion, Son.

While the first three books were all under 250 pages each, Son is a much meatier 400 pages and feels more like a novel written for fans of  The Giver who have now grown up although still light enough and challenging enough for teens to read.  Son is the story about the bond between a mother and her son and the mother’s search for her son.  It brings back a couple of previous characters from The Giver as well as a couple from the other companion books.  It is beautifully and touchingly written.  I believe the author poured her heart into the story as she herself lost her adult son some years earlier.  I felt the story she was trying to convey.  The emotion in this book is powerfully portrayed.

I don’t want to give more away but if you have read any of the previous books and find yourself pining for more or if you read The Giver and want to know what happened next then read Son as it just may be the best in the quartet.



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