Love Without Fear

I arrived back home last Saturday after visiting two of my precious grown-up children (and my future son-in-law).   I also got to see my parents, one of my brothers and one of my closest friends since elementary school.  The trip was a blessing and a success because it was an opportunity to give love and receive love.  It was hard to leave my children but I have family and friends here too.  My heart is over-flowing as I write this.  I am very blessed.

My mom, me, brother Dennis, daughter Brittany and son Dustin

My mom, me, brother Dennis, daughter Brittany and son Dustin

Namaste is a beautiful word in Sanskrit that is commonly used as a greeting and as a goodbye when people are parting in the Southern part of Asia.  It is translated as ‘I bow to you’ but I have also known it to be translated as ‘The divine in me bows to the divine in you.’ For me personally though perhaps inaccurately, I tend to believe it means something much more profound.  I think of it as meaning something more along the lines of, ‘My spirit truly sees your spirit’ or ‘My spirit sees the beauty of your true self’.  The reason I guess is that there have been times when I instinctively recognize or know someone without any information about the person.  Sometimes, I just have a strong and good feeling about a person and the feeling has always shown to be true.  I think we all have this instinct sometimes in our lives but some may have stronger instincts than others. I wish we all had strong spiritual instincts about people because in this day and age, people do not often feel comfortable having their deep, personal, real selves on show.  We fear being rejected.  While it is so much easier to be rejected for shallow things like say our taste in music, it is much harder to have our real self rejected.  Our real self…our spirit…is the part of us that is pure potentiality that we are still growing into.  If we are rejected while on our journey, it could be devastating.  However, seeing others for who they are is a blessing received.  It is often how life-time friendships and partnerships begin.

Namaste after yoga class.  Photo source

Namaste after yoga class. Photo source

To be a fearless giver of love is also a blessing received.  I am learning more and more that LOVE disperses FEAR.  I am finding myself more and more in awe of how true this is and how the giving of love strengthens one’s relationship with God as well as strengthens you as a person.  I am no longer afraid of being rejected if I have given love to someone with the fullness of my heart.  I will love anyway.  It doesn’t mean that I won’t be sad if I am rejected.  Of course it would hurt but loving is worth the risk.

The practice of love is something that comes from some well deep within one’s spirit.  It is not something that is forced or fake.  It is something that one taps into.  For me…. it has happened through my relationship with God and through meditation.  I received God’s love, kept it in my heart and reached out to others in love and then it simply became effortless.  I am awed by it and see it as something beyond me.  However, love is more than just a feeling.  True love always sees the person and their potential.  True love never judges.  True loves always perseveres.  True love always grows. The hard part is knowing which way to give love to individuals in different individual circumstances.  The ‘how’ of love in practice is what I am still learning.



4 thoughts on “Love Without Fear

  1. beautiful reflections. how often I reflect on the verse, “perfect love drives out fear,” particularly concerning my adopted children who have suffered trauma and neglect – my constant prayer is that the love of their family and the perfect love of God will replace the wounds where fear controls them.

  2. Yes, beautiful reflections. You are so right. There are many things we do and say like this that I think are deeply meaningful, but the meaning is lost because of the dulling that can occur with repetition and habit. “Aloha”, “Amen”, “Mitakuye Oyasin”, “Thank you”, “I love you” ,etc. Reminds me that one of the real deep practices in any path is to keep a Beginner’s Mind, where every experience is received with fresh eyes, and the true depth of the meaning realized in each encounter.


    • ‘…to keep a beginner’s mind…’ I like that Michael! It’s so true. Some things we can know for sure though often in a small way only. I prefer having the mind of a contemplative…always asking, ‘What if?’ 🙂

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