Understanding Our Health Connection Part 3

Meridian System

No one knows exactly how long meridian medicine such as acupuncture have been around but we do know it is in the realm of several thousand years. That’s more than a sufficient amount of time for the theory of healing through the meridian system to be tried, tested and found true.  The meridian system is sort of an energy highway in the human body where Qi (pronounced chee in Chineses or Ki in Japanese) energy flows accessing all parts of the body.  The meridian channels can be mapped throughout the body similar to the circulatory system.  Each meridian has acupuncture points and it is at these points that practitioners insert needles to unblock energy.  Acupuncture does not usually hurt.  The needles are very thin and if there is any discomfort, simply tell the Acupuncturist and he/she will adjust the angle of the needle so it doesn’t hurt.

Acupuncture is not the only type of medicine which uses meridian knowledge for healing.  Acupressure uses the same principle but instead of needles, physical pressure is applied to the acupuncture points on the body.  When pressure is applied, the practitioner will usually ask the patient if they feel any soreness.  This tells the practitioner what parts of the body might be affected by ill health according to which meridian the soreness lies.  An acupuncturist will sometimes use acupressure to determine where to insert the needles.

Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT or Thought Field Therapy or tapping) also utilizes meridian knowledge as well as other therapies in order to help those physical, emotional and psychological disorders. *

There are other forms of energy medicine which have nothing to do with meridian therapy or TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) such as reiki, reflexology and spiritual healing.  These therapies are a bit more controversial and I know too little about but you can find information on various websites.

*More on EFT on another post 🙂

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