Understanding Our Health Connection Part 1

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I owe a great debt to Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom which first opened my mind to how our health is impacted by our energy system.  The fact that we are made in God’s image is apparent in many ways.  God is three-in-one.  In Christianity, we see God as father, son and holy spirit.  When it comes to understanding our health, it is first crucial to learn that as human beings we exist on three levels- mind, body and spirit.*  All parts exists together as part of the whole person.  When disease happens within the body, there are emotional, psychological and spiritual implications.  Mind, body and spirit affect each other when our emotional and psychological responses and behaviours are mimicked in the energy field.  Our energy field surrounds and is within our brain, organs, blood and tissues.  So for instance, if we have an issue such as prolonged stress, this causes a disruption in the energy field which then often manifests into a physical illness.  When undergoing stress, we often use terminologies such as, ‘I feel drained of energy’ or ‘I feel depleted’.  In fact, that is literally what is happening.  We are binding up energy and diverting it into any circumstance in which our negative emotions such as anger or fear are in full reign thus depleting our vital cells and organs of the energy that is needed for us to heal.  Continued energy leaks can cause bodily afflictions. At times, we may not even be aware that we are leaking energy. Understanding our energy fields and how our energy can leak is the first step in maintaining health as well as becoming healthy.

I feel it is important to make one thing clear.  Bad things happen all the time to all of us; things we often don’t deserve.  If you have been a victim of emotional or physical abuse of some kind, it is possible that this has become an issue that is still causing you some distress and therefore blocking energy.  You may already be aware of the effects this has had on your health.  It is also possible that you have been a victim of abuse and you are perfectly healthy and not leaking energy at all.  Why?  Because your wounds do not have a negative impact on your health unless you allow yourself to obsess about the abuse on the grounds that it shouldn’t have happened…that it was wrong on any number of levels and that you should have had a different life.  It is the conflict (I tend to think of it as an inner war) that creates the distortion in your energy fields which can cause disease.  Once something has occurred, it is written in your life history and cannot be re-written. No matter how much you wish it didn’t happen, you cannot change that it did.  In my own experience, I see this inner conflict as being detrimental to the spiritual well-being of the person as well as the physical.  It causes the mind, body and spirit to be disconnected from each other on a healthy level while being connected on an unhealthy level.  We are meant to be whole human beings. Our minds, bodies and spirits work best when we are wholly and healthily connected and binded together in love-not in fear. Fear often manifests in anger.  Anger causes the conflict where we feel something shouldn’t have happened. We have been wronged.  The more we hold onto the idea that someone wronged us-that it is their fault, the more energy gets depleted from our bodies.  Forgiveness is the relinquishing of the compulsion we feel to hold on to the wrong that we believe was done to us.  Holding on to anger requires energy.  You are actually giving up your power to the person or situation you feel hurt you  in the first place.  Instead of a moment in your life in which you were abused, you are re-creating your story to be a life-time of abuse allowing yourself to be the perpetrator.  It is time to move on.

*some refer to this as ego, body and soul or soul, body and spirit


2 thoughts on “Understanding Our Health Connection Part 1

    • So true. I myself am learning more and more about this over the years as I constantly see the proof in people I know. Chinese medicine has worked for me when Western medicine failed. I am not against western medicine and will sometimes fall back on it but there has been time when our own doctors have disappointed me.

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