Design Affinity Part 2: Exploring Our Daydreams

Welcome to part 2 of Design Affinity, a series that aims to help you embrace your dreams, passions and who you really are and inject that into your home décor.
Picture Source

Picture Source

We all daydream from time to time.  Some daydreams are those that we hope to make a reality and others are for self-entertainment.  Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live somewhere else or fantasized about going to the moon or wonder how it would be to live in the 1920’s?  Have you ever put yourself in a film you were watching or a book you were reading?  Our daydreams can tell us a lot about  ourselves and can really aid in knowing what we’d like to see in our own homes.  For instance, what sort of décor do you think a person would have who fantasizes about having their own vineyard, loves foreign films and books with romance in it?  What about a person who loves sci-fi books and movies about super-heroes and daydreams about living in a large city?  How about someone who dreams about helping others in need , creating works of art and living in Africa?  Get the picture?  The last person may not have any artistic ability or any aspirations to live in Africa but something about these daydreams are innately them.

Exercise 4:

Below are a few questions to help connect your daydreams to who you are. Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers.  If you find there is more than one answer you would give to any of them, write them all down.

1. If you could have a chance to  live either temporarily or permanently some place far away, where would you live?

2. If you were given a time machine to visit a place in time as you are now and not to change any event in history, where would you go?

3. If you could put yourself into one of your favourite books or movies, what would it be? Who would you be? What would you be wearing?

Exercise 5:

When you look at your answers, what images come to mind? Jot down any thoughts of what sort of things do you expect to see in your design scheme based on your answers.  Begin collecting images based on your answers.  These can be conceptual or literal  images or even interior design images or  home accessories if you happen to come across something you feel connects with your answers.

Image for my collection :-) Source

Image for my collection 🙂


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