Design Affinity (part 1): De-Mystifying Ourselves

Let’s get started!

Who am I?

It’s one of the most profound yet mystifying questions ever asked throughout history.  Sometimes we think we know the answer only to find later that we have changed our minds.  Yet, if we were to look at all the ways we have answered this question since we were young, we may just find that all the answers we gave were in fact correct.  The truth lies deep within us.  Were we not a dancer even if we didn’t perform in front of an audience?  Were we not an actor even if we were not chosen for the part in the play?  When we were nine years old, were we not Scientists when we explored everything with our magnifying glass or when we learned to identify the different species of birds or trees?  Are we not poets if we write for our eyes only?  Is who we are based on an audience or a degree or how others see us?

You may have stopped believing in who you are so long ago that you may not even be sure who you are now.  I have a friend who has always made her living as a Secretary.  She has also tried her hands at many other things.  She took flight lessons, went to bar-tending school, passed a course in web design, sang in a band, became a mother, cared for her ageing parents and throughout it all was a time manager.  Who is she?  Some might say she’s a Secretary because that is what she does for a living.  I say she’s all the above and more.  I also see her as a Giver, a Comedienne, a Carer and a Great Friend.

I have a throw on my bed which is made of patches of intricate pieces of fabric.  There is velvet, moire, brocade and embroidery.  At first glance, it appears to be green but if you look closely, there is red, rust, magenta, olive, emerald, brown, slate, blue, beige and white.  So many colours and textures in this one throw.  Its beauty is made more so by its intricacies.  How plain and ordinary it would be if it had been made of just one simple fabric.  Each one of us is a fascinating, multi-faceted being waiting to be discovered and re-discovered over and over again.


Exercise 1:

I have made a list of adjectives.  Some of these may describe an element of who you are.  Take a moment to read each one slowly, preferably in a place where there are no distractions.  Now pick 5-8 words which you feel best describes you.  If you think of words which are not on the list, feel free to use those.


Exercise 2:

Now, look at the lists of Professions below.  Which of these do you have an affinity with?  What career do you aspire to?  What are your hobbies? Choose 4-6 professions which resonates with you.  It’s best to choose not what you do for a living but what you feel in the privacy of your own heart.  If you think of some which are not on the list, use those if you relate to it more.


Exercise 3:

Next, I want you to get involve in an activity that you really connect with; one that touches your spirit.  This can be listening to a piece of music, reading your favourite poem, gazing at a work of art or the stars in the sky. Or you may choose to pray, meditate or go for a nature walk.  Whatever you choose, it must be something that resonates deep inside you.  Once you have done that, look at the two lists again.  Would you pick the same adjectives and professions?  If not, choose which words you would now pick which best describes who you are.  Compare the words you chose the first time to the words you chose after your activity.  Which feels more true to you?  You may want to spend some time exploring this a bit further by getting involved in activities that reflect your chosen words if you are not already doing so.  If you are not enjoying it, don’t assume they are not the best words to describe you.  You just may be out of practice or need to explore further in a different way.


4 thoughts on “Design Affinity (part 1): De-Mystifying Ourselves

  1. I visited blog about George MacDonald, and noticed you posted quite about his influence in your life. I’ve written a screenplay based on Princess and Goblin, moved time and place to a Badlands reservation in 1930s. The lead characters are now Native Americans. Would you be interested in giving it a read and giving me feedback? Please respond by email. Thank you, Michael

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