New Series Update

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This morning, I woke up at 5 am and found my mind ricocheting from one thing to the next.  This led me to something that I have found myself often flitting to in the past 8 months or so–the many aspects of wholeness.  When I think of people I know of who have  lived authentically, I have noticed that they also continuously birthed their whole selves. What they give is an integration of all that they are. This involves applying vision and creativity in all aspects of your life.  It begins by digging deep into the part of you where joy lies and allowing it to burst forth like a fountain.  You do it for yourself and then you often find you are doing it for others as well.  There is beauty in being yourself and that beauty touches others.  When you are not being authentic, you are doing a disservice to yourself and you are also limited in how well you serve others.  The great news is, it can also be so much fun!  This isn’t about being religious or ultra-spiritual.  It is about you learning all about who you are.  It is about tapping into what makes you happy in small ways before you even get to the big ways.  

Home And Spirit first started as a way to integrate all my interests.  I have often felt however that the posts on spirituality, interior design and natural health all seem a bit disconnected from each other.  So what I have decided to do is have a couple of series where we focus on the wholeness of the topic.  So for instance, the first series is Design Affinity which will be posts on interior design.  This series will focus on how we integrate who we are in the way we decorate our homes.  The next series will be on natural health and focus more on whole-self healing.  I have to admit this is a learning aspect for me as well.  This is our journey together.  This will also require a bit of time from me for research and more thoughtful posts.  Those of you who follow regularly will have noticed a bit of a drop in the amount of blog posts lately.  This was partly to do with the busy-ness of Christmas and the increase in hours I put in at work.  However, I will endeavour to publish between two to three posts a week.  So stay tuned! 🙂


One thought on “New Series Update

  1. Your first paragraph was “right on”. We are multi-faceted beings, and while we try to keep in-line with what we are expected to be, the facets of ourselves become like disconnected selves. But we feel that call to bring everything together. I really look forward to this! And I think you are right: it is not religious, not spiritual, not scientific. It is a natural way of being within us that has been repressed…


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