What Your Spirit Seeks

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The 13th Century Mystic and Poet known as Rumi wrote, “What you seek is seeking you.” In essence, what he probably meant is that we attract that which is part of who we are or what we are currently aspiring to.  This is never more apparent than when we are on a path of spiritual evolution or to put it another way, aiming to be more Christ-like or seeking higher consciousness.  If we feel deeply about something that we need to focus on, then that is something that has been revealed to us which needs our attention.  It is seeking fulfilment in us, therefore we seek it.  If our goal is to be honest in all things, then it is truth that seeks us.  If our goal is to be more compassionate, then compassion seeks us.  If our goal is to love people more, then love is seeking us and therefore love will find us because…love attracts love.

Sadly, negativity also attracts negativity.  If you are angry and are in fight mode, you will attract war in one form or another.  If you are distrusting of others, you will attract distrust. If you are dishonest, then you will attract dishonesty.

As I face 2014, I thought about whether or not I wanted to set New Year’s resolutions for myself.  In the past, my way of looking at New Year’s resolutions was to pick something that I was struggling with in the hope that making it a resolution will motivate myself further.  After reading Rumi’s quote however, I have decided that setting resolutions in the way I have done in previous years will only set myself up for failure and disappointment.  This time, I have decided to ask the question, ‘What is seeking me?’  This doesn’t mean that I am to pursue what my ego or body wants.  Instead, I am pursuing what my spirit wants.  So gone are the extreme focus on the attachment of whether or not I lose weight, give up sugar or make more money.  Instead my focus is on what my spirit is seeking.  This also frees me from making some very specific goals now for all of 2014.  My spiritual journey is an on-going process.  Therefore, what we (God and I) are currently working on together may be the goal for January to April while new goals will (hopefully) be revealed later on in the year.

What the spirit seeks is deeper than what the ego seeks. Our spirit is attuned to what God is seeking from us.  So ask yourself the question, “What is seeking you?” Ask now and ask again and again throughout the year and you may find that 2014 will be the year which you mark as the year of life-changing blessings.



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