Celtic Inspired Design For Interiors

So in keeping with the Celtic theme of my last two blog posts, I decided to hunt up some Celtic inspired design elements for interiors.  When it comes to Celtic design, it’s all about Celtic knots and spirals.  Though some people often get fixated on the meaning of the the knots, there are in fact no specific meanings.  The knots and interlaces in Celtic design are thought of as a continuum. There are no beginnings or endings therefore many speculate that this is symbolic of the continuum of faith or life or even love.  There is no concrete evidence that this is what the Celts were trying to represent, however I feel personally that it probably did represent a continuum of some spiritual significance.  Maybe that’s just the romantic side of me choosing to believe this but it does seem obvious to me.  The designs are beautiful  and can feel peaceful especially if you take the time to follow the curves with your eyes.

Here is one that I find to be a particularly intriguing idea.  Celtic design for a baluster in a staircase. This one is by Heartland Stairways.

Cebul by Hearltand Stairways

Cebul by Hearltand Stairways

I love this Celtic/art nouveau inspired wallpaper by Barbara Hulaniki for Graham and Brown.

Hulanicki by Graham and Brown

Hulanicki by Graham and Brown

This beautiful Celtic mirror is by Masins Furniture.  It’s called the Vida Mirror and it retails in the US for $1,260.  They do however offer free shipping.  Masins have loads of gorgeous furnishings so I do recommend a perusal if you live in the US.

Vida Mirror by Masins Furniture

Vida Mirror by Masins Furniture

You can enhance your kitchen cupboard door knobs with these Celtic design ones by http://www.thehardwarehut.com.

This kitchen backsplash tile design is by http://www.suespringerart.com.

celtic backsplash

celtic backsplash

Sometimes it’s all in the little details like this Celtic switch plate. available at http://www.celticattic.com.


Celtic style rugs are available at many online shops such as this one from http://www.celticcolours.com.  It’s available in different colours.


This Celtic throw is so beautiful!  www.museumselection.co.uk sell a range of beautiful items for the home.

http://www.designclinic.co.uk has this beautiful celtic design mirror available in silver and bronze.


6 thoughts on “Celtic Inspired Design For Interiors

  1. Okay, so, I know this post is about the design- (which as an aside you should know I do enjoy!), (one of the more interesting books I have read was the Nature of Order by Christopher Alexander)- but the part about the knots reminded me of Native American cultures, some of which use “knotless knots” also in many of their ceremonies. I do think there is something spiritually significant about that. I always find it interesting when things like this show up in diverse parts of the world.


    • Hi Michael, I have heard of Christopher Alexander’s architecture but never read his books. I am fascinated that you read them. Were you an Interior Design student? Yes, Native Americans knots are similar to those of the celts. I often find things that have crossed over from one culture to the next interesting when it was so long ago and travel was so primitive in comparison to today. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      • I was not an interior design student. I was a mechanical engineering student. Christopher Alexander’s writing and ideas about art and beauty really spoke to me about ways that we might birth wholeness into the our world. Reading him was like reading about an amazing scientific discovery that makes you realize order is all around us. Alexander’s books were really neat because I felt like he was describing how order can also flow through us- how we can be participates in it.


  2. This is so inspiring! My first name, Colleen, is obviously Irish. My maiden name is Ferguson, a good Scottish name. My mom recently fulfilled many family members’ dreams with a trip to Ireland. I’ve appreciated your highlight of some rich heritage roots that I really should explore! Thank you!

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