My 100th Blog Post!! (And What Might Be Next)


I can’t believe I am writing my 100th blog post.  It has been an amazing experience for me.  Writing has helped clarify my thinking and enhanced my spiritual growth.  I have learned so much from the process.  I am still enjoying the journey and finding joy in hearing about other people’s journeys as well.  That blogging is a community was another unexpected surprise that I learned through all this.  I am thankful for so many people I have met here.  You all have such beautiful creative spirits!

Every day I work on being centered and in the present moment and listening to God’s still voice as to what my next step is.  I have often wondered if people find my blog confusing with the range of topics.  At the moment there are no big changes planned as this is who I am as far as my interests go.

However….here are some things you might look forward to in the coming months:

Christmas Victoriana for the month of December!  Still very much in mental production but I am excited about this! Hopefully, there will be some blog posts on Dickens and Victorian living; Victorian and romantic interiors and Christmas decor Victorian style.  If anyone has any ideas along this thread, please let me know in comments below.  I would really welcome some imput.

Book reviews will be expanded to include works of fiction for adults and children.

New posts on Spirituality…..more on George Macdonald’s spiritual ponderings for one thing and other spiritual thinkers/teachers.  It’s my own journey of what I am learning.  I may not agree with everything that I read but what I find is that when I persevere with a book, there are gems to be found.  Not all who are on a spiritual journey get everything right but I do believe we all get some things right if our hearts are in earnest.

More on alternative medicine….I have some things I want to learn about so I will be posting it here.

More family reflections along the lines of some of my earlier posts like The Story of Jaquimo.

Anyway, those are my ideas so far.  If this changes then…I will let you know.  🙂

Thanks for reading and to those that follow me…I feel very humbled.



7 thoughts on “My 100th Blog Post!! (And What Might Be Next)

  1. Congratulations, Teresa! You noted that you wonder if people find your blog confusing because of the diversity of topics, and I just wanted to say I think that is a great part of it. It gives your readers a chance to know more about you, and your interests, and where your creativity takes you. That is a great thing. I have greatly enjoyed our discussions and look forward to more!


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