Naturally Decorating

For years I have loved decorating with nature.  To date, I have decorated with dried flower wreaths of all sizes, pomadores, potpourri, fresh flowers, branches, herbs, cornucopias and seashells.  I  have even used dried flowers to decorate Christmas baubles.  Below are some of my recent natural decorations.

Aren’t these gorgeous?!  They are called Lilly Cocktails and I bought them in Tesco’s (Supermarket) of all places.  Even when the buds are closed they are attractive as the  leaves have a reddy tinge to them.  The photo does not due them justice.

Lilly Cocktail

I love them so much, my darling husband got them for me in the blue!

Lilly Cocktail Blue

I purchased this wonderful pumpkin potpourri at TKMaxx.  The potpourri can be removed from this wired pumpkin through a latch at the bottom, so I can re-freshen it year after year.

Pot-pourri pumpkin

In my kitchen I like to have different elements of edible decor.  Here I have my fruit basket filled with assorted pumpkins and fruit.  I couldn’t fit them all in!

Pumpkin and Fruit decor

Here are a few ideas from other Natural Decorators:

Home made potpourri!

From The Scented Room

From The Scented Room

The flowers on this wreath were dried using silica gel.  Silica gel is the small little packets often found in shoe boxes to preserve your shoes.  You can buy large quantities  of silica gel from hobby craft stores or on-line.  It is so rewarding drying flowers this way.  They come out looking almost fresh and are still soft.

From The Scented Room

From The Scented Room

Simple and beautiful for Autumn!

Decorate your kitchen shelves and cupboards with jars of dried pulses and spices.  I have sweet jars of dried teas in my cupboard.

Very simple to do and yet so elegant!

Absoloutely stunning for a bathroom!


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